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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Jumpin' Jack Flash

I have finally managed to get my new TV. I'm so glad the saga is over. The final chapter in this drama was written thanks to my work-mate Stuart Andrews who agreed to accompany me to the Brunswick Shopping Centre to pick up my new telly. Thanks Stuart! I owe you one, even though you said you believe in paying it forward.
  The new TV
Now that this amazing piece of furniture has entered my new home, the place is slowly but surely becoming more than just a place to sleep, make some home-cooked meals, and use a private bathroom.

The first thing I watched was the BBC evening news. The EU constitution signing ceremony was supposed to be the top story of the day, but it was clearly upstaged by reports on Arafat's bad health and the new video from Osama bin Laden. Heavy! BBC One's light entertainment programme Have I Got News for You with Robin Cook seemed quaint in light of the new bin Laden video...especially because it made no reference to it.

I did not watch TV all evening because I needed to do some work for the upcoming Popular Culture conference I'm attending next week in NY. After that it was great to wind down the day with one of my favourite movies from the 80s: Jumpin' Jack Flash with Whoppi Goldberg. It was on Channel 5 (i.e. with commercial interruptions) so at one point I drifted away to ITV for about half an hour to watch a repeat of Going Home with John Peel.

What a great way to end this week. I've now been living in Scarborough for two months.

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