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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Other blogs in Scarborough

Tempus brevum est! This latin phrase was engraved on a grandfather clock at St. Agatha's Convent in Rabat, which is adjacent to St. Paul's Missionary College where I spent about 5 years in secondary school about 25 years ago. For some strange reason I keep getting flashbacks of that grandfather clock and that latin phrase as I walk down Filey Road after almost everyday I'm spending at the University of Hull's Scarborough Campus these days.

About this time last week I was writing about other Maltese blogs, so perhaps its appropriate that I augment that with some comments about a handful of blogs I discovered by other people who live in Scarborough. This came to my attention after Jamie, someone I've never actually met, wrote a kind little comment on one of my Scarborough related entries.

Besides Jamie's blog, I managed to find 4 other blogs from people who live in Scarborough. I should say that I don't know any of these bloggers in person, so my comments about their blogs are purely based on my impressions of what I see online.

The most prolific of the Scarborough bloggers is a teenager called Kayleigh Beat. She has two blogs! One is called Notes of a Dreamer and the other is [Insert Name Here].

The most interesting Scarborough blogger I've found so far is Jane x, a former Project Engineer who is now a full-time adventure traveler. I think she's actually in Brazil right now and she's blogging from there quite regularly. Pretty nice. Her blog is called The Great Escape!

In some way I feel like I'm on a great escape too...but this is mostly because I really don't feel like I've even begun to settle into this new life I've chosen to have in Scarborough. This blog is helping me to calibrate my past, present, and future into a twisted narrative that some may chose to call my biography.

Having a blog is a truly wonderful, life-altering experience. I highly recommend it!

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