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Sunday, October 24, 2004


Matthew Vella from Newsworks interviewed me a few days ago. The interview was for a feature in TRUE magazine, which is published with the Malta Today Sunday newspaper. If I understood Matthew correctly, the article was supposed to appear today. None of the news agents in Scarborough sell Malta Today. So much for Spiritus Mundi.

I've posted the original text of the interview on my personal website for anyone who wants to compare it to whatever was published...if it was published today. I'm always fascinated by how things change by the time they are printed, to say nothing of how they are interpreted by each reader. There's always more than simply meets the eye, even in what appears to be a simple text.

Here's a little tidbit that certainly did not appear today: about 11 years ago Matthew was a young pupil at Stella Maris College and I was one of his teachers. I can still remember the look on his face when the lesson of the day was to question everything: authority, reality, and most of all, the media.

Do you believe what you see or hear in the media? How can you be sure that what you believe to be true is true for everyone? Do you really believe that it matters for everyone?

Is that Jacques Derrida I hear rolling in his fresh grave?

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