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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Get it on!

As the anniversary for my second month in Scarborough draws near, I find that I still have not slowed down to the pace of doing things the way they're done here. Case in point: I bought a new TV set a couple of weeks ago...but it still hasn't been delivered. Well, not exactly. Let me explain.

I bought a very cheap TV from a company that sells things through a shopping catalogue rather than huge store displays. At face value, there's nothing wrong with this. However, this company relies on a different company for its deliveries. What's worse is that the delivery company is based in a small town over 100 miles away from Scarborough!

They tried to deliver the TV at least once within one week after I bought it. However, no one called me to confirm that I'd be there at the time of delivery. When I ordered the TV the lovely lady who took my order assured me that someone would call me before the delivery to make sure I was in when the delivery was scheduled.

Long story short, I called last Monday and set a delivery time for Tuesday afternoon. No one showed at that time with my TV. What a waste of time! I called again and was promised that the TV would be delivered on Saturday morning. I stayed in all morning today waiting for the TV and, you guessed it, still no TV.

Breathe in. Breathe out. It's only TV...and nothing will happen until Monday anyway.

So now I'm off to make my first dish of baked rice in the UK: traditional Maltese ross fil-forn with minced textured vegetable protein instead of minced meat and/or corned beef. And yes, gotta have peas! World peace.

Blogger Daniel said...

RE: TV...

...Welcome to Britain! :) 

2:16 AM, October 24, 2004

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