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Monday, October 11, 2004

Sweet leaf

A press release issued last Friday by the Health Department gives advice about the registration of traditional herbal medicinal products. It actually refers to a document written toward the end of September. At face value this may look as just another boring government press release. On closer inspection, however, this is a really interesting issue.

Traditional herbal medicinal products include medicinal marihuana. Malta is nowhere near approving this substance, but it has been a very controversial topic in North America for the past few years. Medical marihuana is legal in Canada. There are states in the USA where it is legal to administer marihuana as a medicinal product. Just take a look at this website from Professor Lester Grinspoon at Harvard Medical School. The issue is controversial for understandable reasons: money and politics.

Will this matter join divorce and reproduction rights as a complicated legal issue on which Malta takes a different position from most other EU countries?

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