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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Chant Number 1

To say that students are eager to get their marks at this time of the year is to state the obvious. It is therefore not surprising at all that over 1000 Maltese students have taken to Facebook to pressure the Malta Union of Teachers and the University of Malta Academic Staff Association to end their current trade dispute with the University of Malta. The students rightly claim that this action is unfairly using students’ result to enhance leverage on their cause, justified as that may be.

Aside from the politics of what the lecturers want and/or deserve and how they go about getting it, the most interesting element in all this for me is the use of Facebook to put pressure on the university and the lecturers to take the results out of their negotiations. This use of Facebook goes far beyond the trivial nonsense associated with vampires, zombies, flirting, showing off and a hundred and one other time wasting uses of this popular social networking online utility.

This is the best use of Facebook by a pressure group of this sort that I've seen so far from Malta. If there are other examples you know about, please bring them to my attention; you can also contact me directly on Facebook if you prefer. I recently wrote the first draft of a chapter about youth culture and the media for a forthcoming book about media in Malta, and I may include examples like this in it to show how the Internet provides new means of communication for young Maltese people.

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Anonymous Analise B said...

Sadly the comments left by students on Facebook showed the level of immaturity of some who were rash in calling the Government to halt all talks and others calling for physical protests. Whilst it is very good that students voice their thought they should have voiced a different opinion - how about calling for Quality Education which could be made a bit more possible through a better collective agreement in which the relevant student bodies are involved?? 

2:46 AM, June 11, 2008
Blogger Sandro Vella said...

The blog post "Chant Number 1" is featured on Maltamedia: The Maltese Blogosphere

- Nominate blog post of the month -  

10:30 AM, June 11, 2008

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