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Saturday, May 31, 2008

What's Love Got To Do With It?

Life is as back to "normal" as it can be now. During most of the week I'm marking essays by my students or dealing with one of my research projects. On the weekend I spend a good chunk of time working in the garden, when it's not raining. My weekly podcast remains the constant marker than realigns everything for me. I could almost say the same thing for the monthly newsletter, but it doesn't come anywhere near the podcast in terms of making me feel like I've done something that really matters.

The 116th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast features four new tracks from recording artistes we've heard before on the series. The first comes from Salt who have just released a new single called Jars of Clay. At the risk of blasphemy I'd say that this band would be a great contender for Malta's entry at the Eurovision Song Contest one day, but first they need to get themselves on a few touring circuits across Europe; something which is much easier said than done. Incidentally, Jars of Clay is available as a free download from the band's website.

Someone else who would make an excellent Eurovision entry for Malta (if it's technically possible - he lives in Melbourne) is Nicky Bomba. At first glance his work is too sophisticated for the Eurovision but his recent project with Nicol Caruana (his father) shows that he has a keen ear for Maltese music. I must see about getting my hands on this new album of Maltese songs. Meanwhile, we'll stay as far away from all that as possible by listening to the title track from Nicky's new EP Jah in the Moment. Jah...bliss.

Last April I introduced my podcast listeners to a new band on the Maltese scene called Metrokueen. Back then their singer was Shawn Ryan who recently parted from the band and re-recorded Insanity, the same song I played from the band a couple of months ago. This song is slowly turning into this year's Bleed by Tears of Revenge. Remember that song? Listening to Shawn Ryan's new version of Insanity make me think how much I'd love to hear a new version of Bleed.

Stepping backwards to move forward one last time today, we turn to another remix by Toby. This time I've selected his remix for Aaron Benjamin's new single. As you may recall, this singer has moved to Malta from Brighton and he seems to be settling into the Maltese music scene quite nicely. Toby's remix of Let It All Go sounds quite different from the actual single, so there's a little something for everyone in this combination; or at least I'm sure we'd like to hope so.

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