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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

It's Now or Never

I've already been in Italy for 3 days and this is the first time I managed to get online long enough to blog a little note saying that I wish I had more time to blog right now.

In an effort to keep my blog alive by posting something at least once a week, I write these words to let all my readers know that I'm currently at the Digital Communities conference in Benevento, just outside Naples. The conference programme is very intense and it leaves little time for blogging.

If I manage to get some more time while I'm here I'll probably blog about the conference, my visit to Italy, and other such things. If not than I guess I'll have to wait until I'm back in the UK sitting comfortably at my desk in Scarborough.

I'm sorry this is so short and dry...but I guess it's better than nothing.

Blogger Antoine Cassar said...

I have to say, I'm rather jealous... Napoli is my favourite city, been there five times and hope to go another twenty throughout whatever's left of my life!!!

I know you're actually in Benevento but I hope you get the chance to go down to the metropoli sometime... and if you have a day free I recommend you take a ferry to the island of Procida, if you don't know it already. It will probably remind you of Malta, only a lot cleaner :-)

Have fun,


11:39 PM, June 07, 2005
Blogger hazevi said...

Greetings Sir. Just read your telegraphic blog on the Benevento conference. Is it just me or is your situation particularly ironic to the Nth degree? You're a participant in an international conference on DIGITAL COMMUNITIES but the programme is so intense, by your own admission, that you've no time at all to maintain contact with others in your own digital communities!!! Now THAT'S pure irony. 

9:14 AM, June 08, 2005
Blogger Toni Sant said...

Yes, indeed! It actually feels VERY strange.

The tragic part is that according to the website for the hotel where I'm staying there's "direct access to Internet from rooms" - but it's not available!

Anyway, thanks for articulating my feelings so eloquently, havezi. 

3:48 PM, June 08, 2005
Anonymous mhux-cat said...

...more time for blogging than emailing your monkey. 

6:11 PM, June 09, 2005

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