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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Over the Border (reprise)

A follow-up from my friend Ricardo Dominguez of the Electronic Disturbance on last week's virtual sit-in against the MinuteMen:

From: rdom@THING.NET
SWARM the Minutemen - Action Update May 30th, 2005

SWARM would like to offer a sincere thanks to the more than 78,500 people from around the world who joined the Electronic Disturbance Theater's virtual sit-in against the MinuteMen. It seems that in a time when almost all the space in the United States has been privatized and free speech zones have been reduced to cages topped with barbed wire, the internet can still serve as a commons where people can gather together to create positive social change.

- Swarm the Minutemen

- Electronic Disturbance Theater

A global swarm has stood up and said no to the racist violence the MinuteMen project embodies and has consequently rejected this latest incarnation of the rising tide of fascism within the United States. We hope this will contribute to the movements around the world struggling to stop the violence of the MinuteMen and the Border Patrol. Together we fight for human rights for all people, regardless of migration status.

There were reports that at times the server was not responding and at times the server was unresponsive as well. Apparently the swarm had an effect. Within the MinuteMen circles the action was discussed as well.

I'm proud to say that I was one of the 78,500+ people who took part in this action last week.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find anyone who supports illegal immigration "unAmerican". There are laws set up and they should be enforced. This is the United States of America not the United States of Mexico. People who are against the Border Patrol minutemen are what I call reverse racist. Mexicans will stick up for each other and non of them care if other Mexicans are breaking the law to get into this country. Mexican's come here, refuse to assimulate, fail to learn our language, wave Mexican flags, unpatriotically encourage breaking the law by supporting border jumping. I for one am glad some people are finally standing up to this. Mexicans who support illegal immigration are mearly enforcing their own form of racism. They want Mexicans to take over our land,government and way of life with little regard to our culture or identity. All they do is whine and cry and wave the Mexican flag. I say just go back to Mexico and wave your flag there and take your whiney reverse racist attitudes with you. 

2:12 PM, July 30, 2005

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