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Friday, May 20, 2005


The next thing I blog about cannot be the Eurovision Song Contest. I named this entry Angel not for Chiara's song, but for Hendrix's.

Yesterday I left my home in Scarborough to visit Christine and Dina who were waiting for me faithfully at my New York home. Travel time on such a journey is such that it's easy to have long meditation sessions. My meditations on the train and plane included Immanuel Mifsud's new book of poems, and Julian's passing. The main themes were change, pain, and loss. Out of these three themes come another three: impermanence, determination, and a deeper appreciation of life.

While I felt a great emptiness inside over the 48 hours or so before I arrived in New York, this emptiness has now been filled mostly and thankfully with all the love Christine and I (not to mention Dina) have for each other. This trip to New York would have been an emotional rollercoaster even without the meditation. On second thoughts, the meditations have helped make this visit to New York emotionally richer. This afternoon I received an email from my boss who among other things said, "remember the part where you enjoy being with each other." Serendipity? Perhaps not.

Erezija posted a very beautiful piece on his blog in Maltese about Choppy's funeral. While reading erezija's blog, a strange thought kept flashing in my mind: how ironic that Julian had a fatal heart attack on the first night in many that I forgot to take my heart medication.

Last night, somewhat jetlagged, I woke up slightly panicked just minutes after falling asleep around midnight because I realized that I had forgotten to take my medication again. Without any hesitation, Christine brought me my pills and a glass of water. It's so good to be home with my monkey and my dog.

Maybe I should have named today's entry after Donna Summer's big hit I Feel Love, but Angel seems more appropriate to me. I promise that my next blog entry will not be about the Eurovision, even though the final night begins in less than 24 hours. Tomorrow morning I'm off to Brooklyn for an interesting meeting at Franklin Furnace, so I'll probably blog about that.

Blogger Kenneth said...

Can you still resist the temptation of not blogging about Angel, now that we know the results? 

2:13 AM, May 22, 2005
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey there. I'm a Maltese American and would love to actually hear the song Angel. is there a way i can hear it on the internet?

dying to hear it,
Marianne Sciberras

8:57 PM, May 22, 2005
Blogger Kenneth said...

Click here 

12:16 AM, May 23, 2005
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The moment I heard Angel I fell in love with it...(voted for it needless to say), so disappointed it didn't win but its a song that we will hear over and over when all other Eurovision songs from this year have faded in our memories
Wishing Chiara the very best of luck in the future.
Ger from Ireland 

1:11 PM, May 23, 2005

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