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Sunday, May 15, 2005


This afternoon Pierre Mejlak asked me why I hadn't blogged anything this weekend. Well, I'm far too busy just to be blogging away without focusing on the thousand and one tasks I need to attend to before I leave for New York within the next 5 days. Among these tasks is a paper I'm writing for a conference on Digital Communities I'm attending in Italy next month.

Then, a few minutes ago, Mark Anthony Spiteri wrote an interesting response to my last blog entry about Id-Dar tal-Providenza and the Kerygma Volleyball Marathon and I found myself spending more time on blogs than I had planned to do today. So, I thought, now I can move on and blog about something else since there's at least one decent comment on my last post.

Just because things don't appear to be as busy as we sometimes would like them to be doesn't mean that nothing at all is happening. Seemingly irrelevant things happen all the time. For example, if I weren't about to point it out now, did you notice that there's a new Feedburner thingy attached to this blog now? Or that Robert Micallef is now's contributing editor for the Blogs section. Or that it's already been one week since I became the first ever Maltese language audio blogger?

One of the most remarkable things ever said by someone I admire comes from John Cage who said that the highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This is not to say that anything goes; the highest aim in life is not towards an achievement but away from achievements altogether. This probably only make sense to people who either appreciate ancient eastern philosophies that glorify nothingness or anyone who has read and understands what Cage was really on about.

Meanwhile, back in Uzbekistan...

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