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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Touch me

My blog has often been a source of surprise for me. Among the most unexpected experiences I can now add the reaction to my most recent post about my current visit to Malta. Saying that there's nothing special to blog about after the few days that I've been in Malta has provoked some very interesting reactions.

The first person to respond was Pierre Mejlak, who also happens to be on a visit to the Maltese islands right now. He is based in Brussels, where he works as a translator within the EU machine. His comments are saturated with romantic nostalgia for the aspects of our beloved San Blas in Nadur, Gozo, where time has almost stood still. I am very fond of Pierre, so this weekend I'm off to Gozo, partly in search of the watercolour paintings depicted in his comments on my blog. I believe that I'll see them if Pierre is there to show them to me. Otherwise I'm convinced that the years have blurred my vision considerably.

The last person to respond (although there may be others soon) was Immanuel Mifsud. My good old friend Manuel knows me well enough and sees the way I embrace paradoxes (such as the one portrayed in my earlier posting and my response to Pierre's comments) with both arms as firmly as possible. Incidentally, I'm really looking forward to the Jim Morrison video he just discovered...but that'll probably have to wait until I'm back home in Scarborough. Finding easy Internet access in Malta has proven to be more of a challenge then I expected during this visit. Part of the reason for this is the fact that my visit is too short and my daily agenda is packed with things to do, that keep me away from hooking up or jacking in.

Other comments include words from Mark Vella, Maria, Il-Kurat gybexi and 'Caska', as well as the delightful Guze Stagno, who suggested that I forget about my blog during my visit in Malta and focus on keeping a promise I made to him some time ago, regarding the music section on my website. I dare say that the most exciting thing that happened since I arrived in Malta is Guze Stagno's Blog, which was launched during my first full day in Malta after an absence of almost four years.

Malta has changed. As far as I'm concerned it is even less attractive than ever as a place to live and work. Yet, it feels like the people I really care for on these islands are even warmer now then they ever seemed to me. Nostalgia? I don't think so.

Appropriately I'm reminded of Song 19 in Act II of The Pirates of Penzance from Gilbert and Sullivan:
 A paradox, a paradox,
 A most ingenious paradox!

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