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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Wind of Change

Today I'm taking care of last minute things before my first visit to Malta in almost 4 years. I honestly don't know how I've managed to find some time to write this entry in my blog. It's probably because I can't pass up the opportunity to blog about what I consider to be memorable moments.

I just came across a couple of blog entries by two good friends of mine. Mark Vella and Immanuel Mifsud. Manuel is actually commenting about Mark's blog entry regarding a strange nostalgia for Mintoff's rotten regime. If more people feel this way in Malta, I know I'm in for a pleasant surprise during my visit. Still, I somehow doubt it.

Would love to write more about this right now, but I literally have a train to catch. So until I get to Malta this will have to do as my last blog entry.

This nostalgia for former regimes is quite a fascinating thing to think about in view of the apparent wind of change that has swept the Maltese islands over the past 20 odd years. I know I'll be having a conversation with Manuel about this over the weekend.

Blogger Kenneth said...

Bon voyage and welcome back to Malta. 

9:16 PM, March 03, 2005

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