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Friday, November 19, 2004

Man in the box

The 114 boxes and packages that left my apartment in New York almost three months ago arrived at my flat in Scarborough this morning.

The movers were quite efficient. There's no lift (that's elevator in American-English) in my building and they didn't complain at all even though they had to haul all the stuff up a couple flights of stairs to the first floor (that's the second floor in American-English).

There's hardly any space to move around now. I'm surrounded by cardboard boxes and packages. I'll spend most of this weekend unpacking. I'm sure I'll be pleasantly surprised to see some of the things I've lived without for so many weeks. Apart from my books CDs, DVDs, guitar and electric piano, the thing I'm most glad to have back is my bed. I feel like I haven't slept in a real bed in ages!

To complicate things nicely I'm also trying to get a broadband connection to work in my new place so I can really start turning it into a home for the foreseeable future.
I am really looking forward to getting my living quarters into a comfortable pad, even though thoughts of impermanence (and not just in the Buddhist sense) are quite predominant in my mind these days.

Blogger Daniel said...

this website might help you find a broadband connection - allows you to compare ISPs etc, and review users comments. 

2:20 AM, November 21, 2004

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