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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Space Oddity

Yesterday morning I left Scarborough for New York via London. Passing through central London on my way to Heathrow Airport was less problematic than I thought it would be. After my GNER train from York pulled into Kings Cross train station, I headed out towards Euston Road station. The Piccadilly tube line is still closed at Kings Cross, all the way to Hyde Park corner. So, I needed to getting on the Piccadilly somewhere in SW London. At Euston I boarded the southbound Northern line to the Embankment, where I changed to the westbound District line. At Baron's Court I hopped-off the train to Richmond and waited for the Heathrow-bound Piccadilly line just across the platform. Easy peasy. It's good to travel light.

Today's post is somewhat unusual because it relates to rather personal affairs. Yet I'm fascinated by how whatever is going on around us inflects our personal lives in so many ways. The space shuttle Discovery is off to outer space today after a lengthy hiatus in the shuttle program. And since the launch pad is in Florida, and I'm off to Florida myself today, to spend a few days relaxing in Miami, I couldn't help but think about the space in which we live. Gentle reader, please forgive the reflexive tone of what I've written here today.

Outer space exploration is something I have mixed feelings about. On the other hand, inner/personal space exploration is something I find myself thinking about more and more, more often than I was aware of before I wrote these few words you just read.

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