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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Vamos a la playa

Throughout the non-summer months I often say something or other I'd like to do will make a great summer project. The still-to-come "writings" and "music" sections on my personal website are one example of this. The redesign of the main page (and possibly more) at is another. Let's see if I manage to get to these summer projects this year. I say this because they've been on my to do list over the past two or three years, maybe longer.

For some strange reason I never manage to do all those things I'd like to do during my summers. It's not because I take it easy and/or go to the beach regularly. I know that last summer I was quite busy getting ready to move from New York to Scarborough. I was also slammed with the news of my arhytmic heart. I guess that took up enough time by itself to justify not getting to the summer project I had planned earlier.

Still, throughout all this I blogged...and continued to blog. Not only did I blog, but some of the issues I just mentioned gave me even more reason to blog. Against my better judgment my blog turned more personal than I ever wanted it to be. My opening up has brought me in touch with people I hadn't heard from in years, so I definitely don't regret it.

Over the past few weeks I've observed that some of the bloggers who contributed regularly to the blogosphere in recent months have slowed down in their output, even if the number of bloggers is on the rise. I wonder why. There are exceptions, of course. My good friend Immanuel Mifsud is blogging more frequently than ever these days, perhaps because he has neglected to keep his bi-lingual blogging up-to-date. Pierre Mejlak has picked up the pace too. And Wired Temples continues to delight with its daily postings. I mention these not because they're the only prolific ones but because they're blogs I read regularly.

So, back to my current concern: what's up with the lame excuses for not blogging or the slow down in activity on the Maltese blogosphere? I will refrain from pointing fingers (links) because I really can't be bothered with the aggravation this may cause. At the same time, I can (with some difficulty) accept Ġużè Stagno's reason for not blogging: he wants to focus as much of his keyboard time to his new novel. I can begin to forgive Sandro Zerafa and Oliver Degabriele for not blogging because they're marooned in Malta for most of the summer. I can even respect people who don't blog because they have nothing to say that anyone cares to read. However, as I see it, bloggers who fail to post at least once a week over a period of more than two weeks risk either disappointing their readers and/or fading into the long list of "dabblers" I've been thinking about recommending/creating for our blogroll.

Blogger MaltaGirl said...

Well I don't think it's really fair to criticise people for slacking off something, not unless they are supposed to be doing it.

For some people who made a big deal about blogging being the latest fad/next big thing, then yes, it's funny (funny ha ha not funny peculiar) when they leave off, but really most people only blog for fun. (Remember, it's supposed to be fun, lol).

I suspect that in the summer more people spend time out at the beach/BBQs/parties and less time sitting in front of the computer thinking "I'm bored, what shall I do now? Oh yes, let me blog!" ;-)

I too would like to see the aboutmalta list be ordered by "most frequent" rather than alphabetical. Since most blogs have RSS feeds then I suppose you could set it up using a program similar to an aggregator.

The list of Xarabank blogs is set up in this way, but on the other hand they're all on the same host and using the same software. Actually it looks like is using the same/similar software for blogging that used to run its fora, so each blog is like a personal forum, with each new post being a new thread. I'm not sure, it just looks that way.

But if it's not possible to sort the aboutmalta list automatically by date, then at least catagories like the "dabbler" one you mentioned where defunct blogs that haven't been touched in months can be moved to the "relegation pool".

I'm saying this not because I don't want "dabblers" on the list, but simply because it's harder for a casual visitor to find the active blogs by clicking randomly. Plus it's not fair that great blogs like Wired Temples have less chance of being visited because they fall towards the end of the alphabetical list!

Maybe this could be part of your summer project ;-) 

2:38 PM, July 05, 2005
Blogger Sandro Zerafa said...

Toni, ma waqaftx, jien ghadni ma waqaftx. Ghadni Parigi ghalkemm veru hemm cans li l-frekwenza tal-bloggati tonqos la darba nkun Malta. Btw, kellek tigi Parigi int, jien inkun hawn sa l-14 tax-xahar...Cempilli jekk tkun gej 'l hawn. 

12:33 AM, July 06, 2005
Blogger Jacques René Zammit said...

j'accuse... guaranteed minimum one post a day... (except when camping). no time for dabbling and dabblers.


4:09 PM, July 06, 2005
Blogger Kenneth said...

Maltastar... updated daily


11:10 PM, July 06, 2005
Blogger alex said...

u ejja f'ġih kemm hemm.... as if blogging is a necessary bodily function... !!!!!!!!!!! sometimes i don't see the point.... i was going to blog about that, but what's the point? 

11:35 PM, July 07, 2005

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