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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

New Kid in Town

Please join me in welcoming magnumT to the MaltaMedia Online Network. Starting today magnumT will be contributing a weekly cartoon to the MMON. The new series is called Whatever.

You may have noticed the "coming soon!" sign on the main Whatever page for the last few days. Although it's not really a blog, we've experimented using Blogger as the content management system to bring you this new cartoon series. It's an easy interface to use and quite secure. So we're sticking to it. It also gives readers easy access to post comments about the cartoons.

MMON's first cartoon series, Gattaldo's Brave Cissies, first appeared online in January 2003. Whatever follows up on the success of that series. Brave Cissies lasted until last September and we have been asked to re-introduce a cartoon quite a few times over the past several months. Perhaps we can convince Gattaldo to find some time in his busy schedule and return online with another cartoon series, if not another set of Brave Cissies.

Meanwhile, enjoy Whatever by magnumT and feel free to visit the Brave Cissies archive.

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