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Saturday, April 30, 2005


I've been too busy to blog since Monday. The end of semester crunch at the university always takes its toll on me. It's not too bad, just very hectic.

This morning I fired up Blogger because I felt obliged to say that I'm quite touched by two mentions in other people's blogs about the one year anniversary of my blog. Robert Micallef marked the occasion as one of two entries on Monday. And yesterday Mark Vella made some flattering comments on his blog (reminding me how even more eclectic my taste in music has become over the years). All this paves the way quite nicely for tomorrow's article by Ġużè Stagno in Manic, the newspaper magazine issued with The Malta Independent on Sunday; or so I'm told. More on that tomorrow then.

Incidentally, I was quite pleased that Stagno reactivated his blog after a full month's break. His writing in English retains much of the style of his writing in Maltese, and I think it's wonderful that people who can't read Maltese can get a glimpse, even if a slight one, at what makes this author so endearing.

Looking back at my own postings for this past month, I see that it was quite dominated by the death of John Paul II and the election of Benedict XVI. Still, other things managed to creep in, such as my participation in this year's PSi conference in Rhode Island, the case of a Canadian publication ban breach by an American blogger (which provoked a surprising amount of reader comments on my blog), Charlie and Millie's wedding, and the hacking of by a still-unnamed prankster, of course.

Anyway, today's entry is little more than an excuse to keep my blog active. There are days like that, but thankfully they are few and far between. Now I must attend to my slightly overwhelming 'to do' list for this long weekend. April is a cruel time indeed.

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