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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Humble Pie

A staggering statistic was released today by Malta's Home Office: 4,052 immigrants arrived in Malta in the last seven years, mostly from Africa. On reading this I was seriously tempted to blog about the long-term effect this sort of immigration can have on Malta, but then I realized that loosing any sleep over this issue is not something I'm really inclined to do. I actually believe that thoughts of national purity will eventually be frowned upon in the future as much as old-style slavery is abhorrent now.

Again, I really have no desire to be controversial. Certain members of the Armed Forces of Malta stationed in Safi have done a better job at being controversial than I ever can.

So I resort to the life's simple pleasures. Why not? I worked hard enough to be able to enjoy something like baking a pie. I made my first ever spinach and ricotta pie a couple of weeks ago. As I finished my second one this evening I realized that it's much like riding a bicycle.

Don't think this post is a personal glimpse into my private life. If I really had a blog for my private life I'd be blogging about my workshop with our 2nd year university students on Yoko Ono's Cut Piece. And I'd be showing you one of the pictures I took this afternoon of the students cutting up each other's clothes, instead of this photo of my first spinach and ricotta pie.

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