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Friday, December 31, 2004


It's finally the last day of 2004. I say that with some desire to see the year end sooner rather than later. All in all it was a good year, but it was also quite an emotional rollercoaster of a year.

This blog has helped me keep track of some of the ups and downs, even if Matthew Vella's Where Are They Now? did quite an OK job in itself as a souvenier of some of things that dominated 2004 for me.

Anyway, here's a partial, most subjective, list of blog entries from 2004:

As for things that happened in Malta during 2004, I believe that the round-up feature from the MaltaMedia Online Network covers most of the memorable moments. Have a look at the final version of 2004: A Year in Review, which was made available to the public earlier today. This year the people who worked with me on the annual round-up feature are (in alphabetical order): Mario Axiaq, Antoine Busuttil, Ruth Davies, Martin Debattista, Joe Meilak, Pierre J. Mejlak, Roseanne Sammut, and Mark Vella Gera. Life is not perfect, but with work companions such as these we can almost turn water into wine online. If you don't believe me just subscribe to the newsletter.

Bottom line for the end of 2004: Many thanks for reading my blog...I wish you a very happy new year!

Blogger Dr Michael A. Riccioli said...

A very Happy New Year from Paris Toni and thank you so much for all those lovely newsletters. I enjoyed reading your blog and your interview.


5:34 PM, January 01, 2005
Blogger Robert Micallef said...

The 2004 MaltaMedia review is featured on Wired Temples. And WT will link up to your blog on a regular basis.

Thank you for the inspiration.

All the best for 2005. 

11:05 PM, January 01, 2005

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