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Friday, December 03, 2004

Red red wine

This morning I woke up with the sound of the Neil Diamond's song that gives its name to this blog entry. I don't mean that I heard it on the radio or anything like that; not even the UB40 version that was so popular about 20 years ago with its excellent toasting sections.

Red wine is a substance I have come to appreciate greatly over the past few years since I was told over and over by my dear friend Antoine Camilleri that (in moderation) this ancient beverage is good for the body. Apparently our hearts enjoy some antioxidant or other than controls free radicals. So red wine, olive oil and unsalted peanuts (in moderation) have become a staple part of my diet, especially since about 2000 when I was diagnosed with borderline hypertension which eventually led to the discovery of my having WPW syndrome this past summer.

Last night I tried an Italian wine: Terra Viva. I was never a big fan of Italian wines. Most of the red ones I've tried are too robust for my taste. I'm now wondering whether it is this actually the Sangiovese in the Terra Viva that has driven me to write what I've written here today. In vino veritas, I suppose.

England is not exactly a great place to find good red wines; especially in Scarborough. There are imports from all over the world, of course, but I find the selection less invigorating than what I had become accustomed to in New York. Still, I've managed to find a nice French Bordeaux as well as an interesting blend of Cabernet and Merlot from Chile. I originally became a great fan of wines from Chile back in New York, where the selection was mindblowing.

My father, who knows a thing or two about wines from his many years working in bars and hotels, tells me that there's a nice selection in Malta too now. So on my next visit I want to see if this could be the first thing that I'll chalk down as better in Malta than it is in Scarborough. I hope this doesn't become a problem. It shouldn't!

Now I hear the bells of St Mary's Church across the street from my bedroom, but when I look out the window I see that the actual church bells are not tolling.

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