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Friday, August 27, 2004

My tell-tale heart

This should be the last entry about my heart for a least I hope so!

The matter has now been temporarily settled. The reading of the 24-hour Ambulatory Electrocardiogram shows that I had a brief WPW episode at 3:23am, as I slept. I've always felt that the oddest thing occurred during some nights when I'd wake up with my heart racing as if I had been jumping up and down instead of sleeping soundly. The highest heartbeat rate was recorded while I stood in line for the ATM at the bank on Roosevelt Avenue. Go figure!

I've been meaning to comment on the recent MBA report, which mentioned streaming radio, but I'm a little too busy to focus on that right now. Hopefully I'll get some time to blog about that this weekend. I noticed a couple of other interesting things in the news these past couple of days too, but I suppose that for now I can just link to them. Here they are: Lm200,000 from EU for Maltese interpreters training + Eco-Contribution to be introduced in less than a week.

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