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Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Voice

I'm working on a new series of podcasts. My plan was to release the first episode of the new series this weekend, but I lost my voice yesterday and I sound terrible today. So the new podcast will probably appear by Monday.

It's been a while since I last lost my voice. Back when I worked as a professional radio presenter I lost my voice regularly, usually about a month before the Christmas season, as the weather started to change. One year, probably 1989, I continued to broadcast even without the decent-sounding voice. This was mostly possible thanks to the fact that I co-hosted most of my shows with Ray Bajada at that time. I have a cassette recording from that time and I sound terrible! I wonder why no one told me to go drink some warm honey and sleep it off for a couple of days? Or maybe they did and I just don't remember. Yes, those were the bad old days.

I do remember that in June 1991 my voice was so badly shot from a summer cold that I had to ask Charles Caruana to replace me half way through my radio series marking Cole Porter's 100th birthday. That series was a follow-up on others I'd done about George Gershwin, Jim Morrison and John Lennon. Do you see the connection between all these people? I certainly do.

My new series of podcasts is about music. Since I'm no DJ, and never really was, even when I played one on TV, don't expect me to play music just to fill up some free time.

More as soon as my voice comes back.

Blogger G said...

I just wanted to comment because your comments page looked empty and lonely... 

5:00 PM, November 14, 2005
Blogger Toni Sant said...

That's very kind and thoughtful of you G!

I still haven't recovered fully, so no podcast just yet. It's all lined up waiting for my voice to return to normal. 

1:43 AM, November 15, 2005

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