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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Vulture Culture

This week is quite hectic, but I wanted to take a moment to blog about another blog I just discovered. The blog is called Culture Vulture.

To my delight someone else has taken on culture and the arts in Malta as a subject of regular comment online. Culture Vulture is designed as an open blog where various contributors can air their views on topics related to the arts and culture in Malta. However, the main engine behind it is one Toni Attard who's a graduate of the University of Malta in Communications and Theatre Studies. I don't know Toni Attard and I don't believe I've ever met him face-to-face. I believe he is now a post-graduate student in cultural management. I don't know much else but I must say that Malta needs people who are properly trained in the management of culture and the arts. This is an area of expertise that has been sorely lacking for decades from the Maltese culture scene.

I have only one more thing to add about this blog at this stage: keep it up!

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