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Sunday, August 22, 2004

How often do you blog?

I'm really busy getting ready to move from New York to England right now, but this is only one reason why I haven't written anything new on my blog since last Tuesday. The other reason is that there's actually very little I have to say about anything new or interesting. It tends to get that way around mid-August. Many people go on vacation about this time of the year. Or if they're like me, they're wishing they're on vacation!

I know I'll be blogging my visit to the doctor tomorrow because I'll be experiencing something unusual for the first time ever in my life: an ambulatory electrocardiogram monitor, which I have to wear in a holster for about 24 hours. More on that as soon as I have it on and I can get to my computer to blog about it.

Until then I must get back to the cardboard boxes and continue packing.

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