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As a professional radio producer in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was presented with the opportunity to work on various television projects. (Read more about my career in radio). At first, my television work was merely an extension of my radio career. As with radio, I aimed to produce innovative and entertaining television programming.

While I have acquired substantial television production experience, I never sought to develop a career in television. All this experience was most often part of a larger package: such as producing music specials as tie-ins with rock concerts I was organizing in Malta.

Since 1996, I have seen television as a means to an end. My special interest in the Internet and webcasting has been enriched by my first-hand knowledge of television and video production. More pertinently, the last two television shows I worked on each entertained the use of the Internet, in their own way.

More recently I have been exploring the practical relationship between television and the Internet with MaltaMedia.

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