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Digital Curation (access exercise)

I’m currently doing a Digital Curation course with Jon Ippolito at the University of Maine. For this week’s assignment he has asked us to find and add a legally shareable image to our own blog, following a specific technique illustrated in a video tutorial. I searched for Malta music on Google and filtered the results through ‘advanced search’ to show only image that are “free to use of share”. As I expected, there weren’t many images returned in this search. The results returned went down to “about 58” from “40,900,000” returned on the unfiltered search.

Here’s the picture I selected:

HMV sign in Valletta

PHOTO CAPTION: HMV Sign by John Haslam taken in Valletta, Malta on Dec 3, 2008. Some rights reserved

The next part of the assignment has us picking a media file and embed a Creative Commons license next to it. Given that I’ve just finished producing this week’s edition of my weekly podcast, which is always released under a CC license, I’ve picked this audio file to embed here.

Creative Commons License
Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast by Toni Sant is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.


I’ve neglected my blog…or, to be precise, because I’ve stopped consciously wanting to blog, my blog has turned into a way to publish show notes for my weekly Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast. I wonder how much of this has happened because I’m simply too busy to blog about anything but my podcasts. Perhaps the apparent decline of interest in the blogosphere has contributed to this shift too. Without a scientific study, or at least an in-depth investigative report, there’s no telling what’s what.

For the first time since I started my blog back in 2004, I’ve refrained from going through the usual end of year rituals. This had been on the wane for the last couple of years, so you could say that it simply died a natural death. However, through the M3P I’ve maintained the general (if not the personal) aspect of the annual end-of-year round-up for 2010. I believe that this is a start of a new way to do things during this decade and hopefully even beyond.

The adventure that is/was MaltaMedia has morphed into something quite different in the last year or so. I could have blogged heavily about all that but chose not to dwell on what could or should have been (I could have blogged about the demise of the monthly newsletter after 10 years of continuous publication) and focused on the positive developments ahead. I should probably blog about those in 2011. Part of these developments involves rethinking the portfolio of websites in the MaltaMedia Online Network, as well as continuing to improve and develop the best aspects of all that, as we’ve done with in 2010.

Many people in Malta still continue to associate me with Eurovision. This is probably because they only ever see/hear me whenever this event is near or on. I don’t mind. I can’t expect everyone to engage with the complex and eclectic interests I have in all aspects of Maltese life, and even less with my interests beyond Maltese shores. I will continue to blog about Malta’s entries to the Eurovision Song Contest but keep the best ideas for the Eurovision Research Network. Judging by the official URL chosen for this year’s selection process and eventual entry I seriously doubt that any of my recommendations have been taken seriously by anyone that matters, if they’re even aware of them at all.

Now that my Franklin Furnace book is out (we’ll actually start marketing it next week) I can focus on other writing projects. I already have five plates spinning in front of me this year: (1) a couple of short essays for a book on Maltese photography; (2) a new performance theory I’m introducing at a February workshop at Royal Holloway, which I’m hoping to eventually develop as a chapter for a 2012 book called Performing the ‘New’ Europe; (3) a chapter for the Routledge Handbook of Social Media; (4) co-editing a book on Performance in Virtual Worlds; and (5) a couple of other ideas that are currently still in formation.

I will do my best to give this blog more time than I have over the past few months. The many readers of this blog over the years have been (mostly) a source of joy for me, with comments, suggestions and all sorts of recommendations that have enriched my online experiences. Now I’m off to focus on the first of those writing assignments…and perhaps I’ll blog about them as I go too, especially if any readers of this blog show me a sign of life.

Brand New Day

Blogger is about to stop letting its users publish their blogs via FTP. This is how I’ve used Blogger for my blog since the very first day I started blogging back in April 2004. So now it’s time to move on, or rather move it all to WordPress. By contrast, WordPress not only lets its users publish their blogs via FTP but it also allows users to host their own WordPress engine on their server or private web hosting account. The two companies simply have a different philosophy on who owns what.

Anyway, I guess this is the first proper blog entry on Toni Sant’s Blog driven by WordPress. The main address remains the same. You’ll always find me at – and I hope that it will be some time again until I even need to think about whether this is one of the few constants in my life or not. All previous posts and comments remain online too, of course. I have chosen not to import them into the WordPress database, simply because they already exist as flat HTML files under the domain and I prefer to leave all web pages as close as possible to the way they were to when they were originally published.

My blog’s design and layout had hardly changed since I first created it, so I think it’s about time to refresh it all, especially it’s still very alive and it’s much clearer (at least to me) what blogging is really all about after all these years.

Moving blog to WordPress

This is the very first post I’m writing on WordPress for my blog. It’s actually just a little note to say that Toni Sant’s Blog will soon be driven by WordPress. is now driven (almost entirely) by WordPress, so it makes sense that the Blog is also on WordPress.

Blogger has served me well since April 2004, and I have a feeling I’ll still be using it for several other projects for quite some time to come.

UPDATED (February 2010): Blogger is discontinuing its FTP service. This means I’ll have less use for it and will be moving my entire blogging activities to WordPress very very soon.

Meanwhile, Toni Sant’s Blog remains here.