I Don’t Mind If You Forget Me

I’ve just heard (and watched) all 24 songs up for the Malta Eurovision Song Contest 2011 selection; you can see them all here. It’s good to see decent studio video clips for each song for a change. It would seems that things are indeed getting better now that PBS has taken over the production of Malta’s participation in the Eurovision Song Contest. Read my comments about each of the songs, written immediately after I heard them the first time.

Your Possible Pasts

Toni Sant presents the 617th in a series of podcasts featuring music by performers in or from Malta. Artists featured in this podcast:

# Aidan – Naħseb Fik
# Kapitlu Tlettax feat. Digby – Tweġġanix
# Feds – That Switch
# Young Suns – Soldier On
# Jacy Fever – Breaking Barriers

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