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Show notes for the 436th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:


Dolls For IdolsFabric Days

Jane DoeBury

TactChasing Moves
Franco Tartaglia released his Brushwork album last year. It was nominated in the MMI 2015 Listeners’ Picks Poll but I never really got around to playing tracks from it. This will certainly address that shortcoming from my end. I think that others who seek pleasant instrumental guitar music will want to give the whole album a good listen and include it on their personal playlist. I’m a little surprised that this release has not received more attention. It certainly deserves it.

Jon Lukas WoodenmanYour Song
The grandfather of prolific Maltese pop singer-songwriters is back with a new offering reflecting his mindset, inspired by specific sad stories, the likes of which are all around us. The melancholic start leads to a rather pleasant development that makes this song worth more than one listen. While I doubt it’ll become a classic, it’s certainly a release that deserves more attention than I suspect it will receive.

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