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Show notes for the 432nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

KafenaIl-Marċ Ta’ Efrem Sammut
Kris Spiteri and Daniel Cauchi have teamed up to create Lukanda Propaganda, a fantastic CD album that was launched during the last weekend of November at Robert Samut Hall in Floriana. Most of the songs are simply delightful, even when the lyrics are a little tough to swallow. The opening track is possibly the one I like best of the whole lot for a number of reasons, some of which should be fairly evident to regular podcast listeners.

Empire of the AntsThe Maker

Weeping SilenceIvy Thorns Upon The Barrow

Robert FarrugiaHalf-Light (x)
Robert Farrugia released this ambient album on 29 November 2015. It was probably hardly noticed except by his ardent followers and a number of die-hard fans of the genre. It’s possibly the most remarkable offering of its type this year, but you can be the judge of that as you set out to vote for it among all the releases on the MMI 2015 Listeners’ Picks Poll over the coming weeks.

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