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Show notes for the 422nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Rikki LeeNaughty Girls

The MadhattersAnother Toy on the Shelf

Nadine AxisaF’Ħajti Stennejt
From time to time Dominic Galea’s Heritage Records releases a new CD album inspired by Maltese literature. A relatively long string of such project have appeared over the past decade or so. The latest in this series is called Moħġaġa (which is the Maltese word for puzzle) and features contemporary poetry from the past five decades. This particular track is from a poem by Victor Fenech, whom I’ve always considered as on of three or four quasi-beat poets from Malta to emerge in the 1960s.


Airport ImpressionsBallymena Sun
It always good to see Maltese bands giving their recordings the largest exposure possible. One tactic that several bands have developed in recent years is to release many tracks from the same album as singles. Sometimes, however, this can make old codgers like me lose track of what’s actually going on. Perhaps this is mostly because I crave new music from people I know can produce it relatively easily.

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