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Show notes for the 417th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

TroffaĦamra y los mechones¡Oh Tragedy-me!
Ruth Abela is back with her combo giving us this new offering. It’s delightful. I like it very much and I’d probably like it even better if it was in any language other than English.

XtruppawL-Avventuri Meraviljużi ta’ Żaren Elvis Ciappara U Ħrejjef Simili
Xtruppaw play a live gig yesterday but ironically I couldn’t make it, even though I was physically just a few miles away from them. I hope to catch them at the Farsons Beer Festival next month. Meanwhile, here’s a song from their second album, Xtruppożitorju.

Danjeli + EKE4hrsapart
Justin Galea teams up with Danjeli for this little collaborations, which is one of the tracks on the Electronic Music Malta debut album In Aid of Nepal.

Duncan AgiusAlong the Way

[fbvideo link=”” width=”500″ onlyvideo=”1″]

Divine SinnersBye, Bye, Napoleon

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