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Fjura fil-Kantina

Show notes for the 413th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Murphy Love or War
I must admit that I am somewhat bewildered by the prolific output of Keith Anthony, who teams up with BAFTA award winning screenwriter Jeff Murphy here to produce an eclectic album called Made in Gozo. The collaboration is very pleasant and easy on the ears, as you can clearly tell from this song I picked for this week’s podcast.

The BuskerPercussion Song
I’ve never really managed to warm up to this band. Perhaps it’s because I don’t really see it as a band as much as Dario Genovese’s guise as a singer-songwriter. However, I must admit that I find this particular song quite well-made and I’m glad that I’m able to include it on this edition of the MMI podcast.

EversitySilent Giant

DriphtGreen Dub
I’ve always seen this band as a silent giant of the local scene. They released this new track during this year’s edition of Rock the South, which I regretfully missed due to other commitments. Then again, I’m sure the festival’s loyal fans appreciated this and most, if not all, the other bands that appeared on the two stages at Zion over the four days earlier this month reserved for this event.

A catchy percussive song that’s actually the 4th track from this band’s debut EP, which was released a few days ago. I haven’t managed to get my hands on the whole EP yet, but I’d say that this song bodes well for the rest, especially given the stuff I’d already heard from this band before.

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