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Show notes for the 398th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:


Mistura Issa Tard Wisq
It’s been a long time coming: Mistura have finally released their debut album featuring their unique brand of Maltese-language songs. It’s called U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur, which roughly translates to And the World Keeps On Turning. I think that’s a rather charming and fitting name for this album. The 16-track CD was officially launched a couple of week’s ago during Michael Bugeja’s radio show Rockna. I’ve featured a number of these songs on my podcast Here’s an album sampler:

nosnow/noalpsSomethin’ Like That

Vinny Vella Jr.Everything Will Pass
A few days ago I attended the launch party for the CD album Another Way by Vinny Vella Jr. It was quite a gathering of musicians, and most of the tracks on the album were played live, for the most part by the same musicians featured on the recordings. The album is a blend of some of Vinny’s favourite songs (including two by his long-time idol Stevie Wonder) and several original compositions. I’ve picked one of the originals, which particularly struck me for a number of reasons. This song features singer Andreana DeBattista, who is one of guest four singers on the album, along with Nadine Axisa, Glen Vella and Francesca Galea.

Tricia Dawn WilliamsThe Forbidden

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