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Show notes for the 401st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Infinite LoopLonging For You

Dean MuscatTwentysomething

Now that he’s seems to have left last year’s Eurovision Song Contest madness completely behind, Dean Muscat returns with a new track of for himself, just in time to be nominated for the MMI 2014 Listeners’ Picks Poll. He was voted Top Online Release (as Dean Saviour) back in 2007. Will this track manage to see him return to the top of that category again?

Maryse BriffaEmbers of Courage
I don’t think I’ve every played anything from Maryse Briffa before. There’s always a first time for everything. I used to play more of this sort of stuff on earlier editions of the MMI podcast, so I’m quite pleased that I’m able to include this track now that we’re beyond podcast number 400 in the series.

Viper Soup ComplexTaxidermy Hotel
This band came to my attention out of the blue. They are a fairly progressive female fronted band. Here you can hear the second half of a rather long track they released recently called Taxidermy Hotel. As you would expect, this song and band have made it into this year’s nominations for the MMI Listeners’ Picks Poll, so you’ll be able to vote for them (and/or whoever else you like) throughout the month of December.

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