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Show notes for the 399th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Cinnamon WarShadows
This is their follow-up to the The Brightest Light, which I also featured on an edition of the podcast not too long ago. At this rate this band should be making quite a splash on the local music scene within the coming months. Perhaps 2015 is the year when enough people will know about them to start mentioning them along with other popular bands from and in Malta.

Maria LewisAn Angel

KristenI Must Go
I like much of what Muxu creates and this song for Kristen Camilleri is no exception. It’s produced by Carlo Gerada and has Kristen singing in a style that’s new to her, as far as I’m concerned. Still a pleasant pop song, showcasing the good qualities each of the three collaborators possesses. I’m sure something else that’s even better is around the corner for each of them, possibly even separately.

TroffaĦamra y Dos Mechones

Robert FarrugiaLetarġija
Another track from the haunting album Pawża – Stennija, which to my mind is one of the most under-rated Maltese releases of 2014. It may be true to say that this type of music is an acquired taste, but I think that it grows on you very quickly and quite easily if you let it. I like it. Did I already say that?

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