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The Chamber

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Show notes for the 392nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Plato’s Dream MachineTemenza

Lyndsay PaceRegent Street
The official music video for this collaboration by Lyndsay Pace with Jon Lukas Woodenman was released on 16 September during the TV show Indigo, on One TV.

SkambomamboCool Ska

Forty Days Of RainStrings Left To Fray
Brendan Jackson returns to the scene following the demise of Eve Ransom with a new band. True to form, as ever, this is quite a bold debut for a new band on the local scene. I’m sure fans will love it and new listeners will discover the solid qualities that have endeared the essential elements of this band to others before.

PhobicsHey! (live)
New band of young Maltese musicians offering a very formidable sound. I really like this song and the band and I hope to hear more from them over the coming years. I picked this from a couple of songs they’ve uploaded to Soundcloud. That online music service is really a treasure trove for this sort of thing.

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