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Show notes for the 393rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:


Ħolma Qattusa ma’ Kukkanja – L-Għabex u l-Għaliex

Cheryl Balzan & Chris Tanti – Calling Out My Name
Cheryl Balzan & Chris Tanti are something of an enigma to me. They started recording as Sensitive Skin a couple of years ago, but switched to their individual names for their subsequent releases. They’ve produced lovely work, mainly in collaboration with Peter Borg, but I am a little surprised that this rather good new song of theirs doesn’t come with a music video. Perhaps there’s one in the making. I honestly don’t know.

Mind’s Eye DubDub Night One
David Magro, whose Mind’s Eye Dub continues to delight after almost three decades of musical activity, has just released an album called Five Nights of Dub. It’s a tight little collection of ten tracks where every other offering is a version of each of the five dub nights. Lovely little concept really but ultimately it’s the music that you’ll enjoy here.

The Violent VioletsEat Majesty
Poised to release their debut album Tame on 25 October 2014, this new post-punk (or is that post-rock?) band from Malta are circulating this track from it. It’s likely that I’ll get to see them live at the British Legion in Valletta when they do this, so you can rest assured that there will be another track from the album featured on this podcast once it’s out.

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