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Two Tribes (re-issue)

Show notes for the 382nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta (re-issued to address iTunes omission):

Amelia HopePerplex City
I don’t know why I thought this song had a promotional video. I say it does on the podcast, but it obviously doesn’t…otherwise I would simply have linked to it here. In any case, I’m rather pleased to open this week’s podcast with something that bears Sam Hayman’s fingerprints. He produced, orchestrated, mixed and mastered this song. If the rest of Amelia’s upcoming EP sounds anything like this track, then I’ll really be looking out for it.

Floren SultanaFavourite Waste of Time

Scarlet SallyBack to the Start

Sophie DeBattistaSo Damn Perfect

Davinia Pace
Collaborating once again with the mighty Muxu, Davinia returns with a song that benefits greatly from Carlo Gerada’s musical stylings. Although this is the radio edit of the song, I’d say that any version of this track is rather radio friendly. I’m seriously waiting for the day when Muxu strikes in big on the international scene beyond Junior Eurovision…that’s just a way for him to get noticed in the right places, I think.

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