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Show notes for the 391st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

MonroeHunt You Down

Claudia FanielloOne Fine Day

Milk MiBigger

MeliteskPerpetual Slumber
Progressive bands from Malta always tickle my fancy. This one is made up of multi-insturmentalist Andrea Sacco Baldacchino Cascun, pianist Claudio Teuma Castelletti, and singer Andrew Abela. This is their debut release, and it’s a good offering too. But for a band with such a great name (and sound) I’d have expected a better name for the song. Please don’t let this throw-away comment of mine put you off giving the song a well-deserved listen. I like it.

Aquarius is a legendary Maltese band from the 1970s, best know as Renato’s backing band, even if Joe Mallia and Martin Jenkins were also singers with the band. Keyboard Godwin Cachia, bassist Lawrence Magrin, and drummer Charles Cortis were the group’s musical heart and soul, which is fairly evident from this track written by Alfred C Sant, originally released as a 45 rpm single on vinyl.

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