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Show notes for the 386th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Freddie CallsIn My Eyes

Kylie ColeiroSomeday Soon
Carlo Gerada have turned their attention to Kylie Coleiro in a way not too dissimilar from their recent collaboration on Davina Pace’s Ouch. To my ears this is a slightly better offering and possibly one that can turn around Kylie’s presence on the local pop scene, which to date has been rather lackluster.

Francesca GaleaDoralice (live at Malta Jazz Festival 2010)

Juno and the WolfWhy So Suicide?
This band has been around for well over a year and they’ve finally released their debut recording. This is it. It probably captures their live sound rather faithfully, but for this type of music I think they would benefit greatly from a skilled studio producer who can really make the retro psychedelic overtones shine in ways they did over 40 years ago. Anyway, I think that things can only get better for this band.

Sempliċiment tat-TriqIl-Paragun

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