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Show notes for the 385th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Lejla MaltijaJum il-Festa
Mario Cordina’s Lejla Maltija has already been featured on a previous edition of the MMI podcast. I thought it was appropriate to open this week’s podcast with this track as we’re now deep into festa season in Malta and it’s a rather delightful song. While perhaps not as biting as Xtruppaw’s L-Innu ta’ San Ċipress, this song still manages to capture some of the essential qualities of this very traditional Maltese summer activity.

Funk InitiativeHouse of Cards
Gianluca Bezzina was a relatively unknown singer when Funk Initiative started appearing on the MMI podcast a few years ago. His personal success, most notably breaking the UK top 10 chart a couple of years ago, has undoubtedly played a significant part in their being selected as a local act to appear on this year’s Isle of MTV filmed in Floriana just a few days ago. This is not the best song I’ve heard from them, but it’s decent enough to remind me that they’re a band that deserve more attention (at least locally) than they’ve enjoyed to date.

Kurt AquilinaFusi-o-matic
This 19-year-old guitarist represented Malta at the recent Eurovision Young Musicians Contest. I’ve been listening to his playing online for about 4 years now and I knew he was on his way to a good career as a guitarist. Last Christmas we featured his rendition of one of the popular traditional carols. I wonder what he has up his sleeve next.

A Day Too LateCall Me
I remember brothers Toni and Michael Curmi as teenagers almost 30 years ago playing in a metal band called Passion Blade. They’ve been through many experiences since then but it’s really good to see them back with this new band. The sound is mature, as are they, but it should appeal to a broad range of rock fans.

nosnow/noalpsBlack Panther

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