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Chasing Cars

Show notes for the 383rd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

nosnow/noalpsGo Go Go Go

Rikki LeeSmile

Jim HickeyBurning Forest

FellowFishAvaltun Reggae
I’m not sure whether this is actually a FellowFish project or something that FellowFish members have been working on. It’s an African animals app for kids in 4 languages, featuring songs about various animals in different genres of music sung in English, Italian, Chinese, and Maltese. Apparently there another one with Ocean animals coming up later on this year.

Tenisha with Jonathon MendelsohnA New Dream
It’s always a pleasure to include a track by Tenisha on my podcast because they are one of the best Maltese dance music exports. This type of music is not exactly the sort of thing I listen to at home (who does?) but it’s certainly the sort of thing I’d want to hear if I have to (do I ever?) be at a dance club or party where this sort of music is played without any apology.

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