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Show notes for the 378th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

JogelleThe Struggle
Maltese-born Johanna Gauci Loporto is a US-based singer recording as Jogelle (a name derived from her initials, or so it seems) who was brought to my attention by Mario Axiaq. She has recorded a number of songs and seems to be exploring the best style for her voice. I like what she has produced so far so much that I’ve chosen to open this week’s podcast with this song.

Melchior SultanaPeacefully
This Maltese musician continues to be one of the most underrated artists of his generation. Perhaps he prefers it that way. The only time I met him in person, about 7 years ago, he was a very quiet and unassuming individual. That certainly comes across in his music and I probably like it more for this reason.

FabrickaBreak It Down (Nostalgia)
This is one of those mystery acts from Malta that appear online from time to time. I came across this one on Soundcloud as was instantly mesmerized by what I heard. There’s a Facebook page for Fabricka too, but that doesn’t shed any further light on this project or whoever is behind it. I’d really like to know more!


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