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Show notes for the 371st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Red TowerAfterall
Filmmaker and theatre producer Mario Azzopardi alerted me to this UK-based band, which features his niece Natassja Saliba as the lead singer. I like melodic hard rock (who doesn’t?) and I’m quite impressed by the music video that comes with this title track from their EP, which was apparently shot on iPhone. Perhaps this will prompt a live gig in Malta. They’d be a perfect guest at one of those metal annual festivals that take place on the rock.

RelicuiaLord of Chaos
From the ashes of Angelcrypt comes this new band, who released a demo EP last year, which somehow didn’t make it to my list of nominations on the 2013 MMI Listeners’ Picks Poll. Well, that certainly needs to be remedied and this is the first step towards that. Having said that though, I think they may be releasing new material this year anyway.

Spinesplitter Studio feat. Melchior BorgVile Dissonance
Spine Splitter Studio appears to be an experimental project by Maltese metal musician David Depasquale. In this particular track he collaborates with his fellow Abysmal Torment bandmate Melchior Borg.

Thy LegionBloodspill
Taken from their forthcoming album World Stigmata and featuring some of the heaviest growling you’ll hear on the weekly MMI podcast. I think this band have come a long way since their Aim High debut some years ago. It looks like they are indeed aiming high these days.

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