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The Last Ship

Show notes for the 362nd Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Stefanos Everyone Is A World
Stefanos is preparing a new album called Everyone Is A World, which is set to be released in March 2014. To open up the final podcast of 2013 ahead of the Christmas edition, we have the title track from said forthcoming album. Enjoy!

MisturaIntrospezzjoni Stellari
Another excellent track from the duo that gave us a another release earlier this year called Kollox L-Istess. They’ve managed to get voted into second place in the Top Online Release category of the MMI 2013 Listeners’ Picks Poll. Will they manage to beat title holders Divine Sinners to the top spot this year? Voting is open until Tuesday 31 December 2013 via Facebook.

FellowFishMan On A Boat
Had this free download been released a couple of weeks earlier it would have probably made it into the MMI 2013 Listeners’ Picks Poll too. As it happens it’s just a preview of whatever greater plans this band has for 2013. It’s a cool track and one I’m sure many will enjoy even without a promotional music video.

Here’s a new Maltese rapper to add to the growing list of local hip hop performers. He seems to be well connected to others in the scene and has received kudos from all sides. I like it enough to include on my podcast. In any case, here’s someone I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on, and hopefully an ear too.

Steve Id-DelliId-Diska tal-Ġugar Bar
Steve Delia never disappoints me. Whether its as Brikkuni guitarist, a solo performer (or should that be performance artist?), or a guitar technician for Marc Galea, he always gives 100% of whatever he can. I believe that he is possibly one of the most underrated contemporary artists in Malta. It therefore give me great pleasure to close up my podcasts for 2013 (ahead of next week’s Christmas edition) with this new song, which seems like the sort of thing he pulls out of thin air for all to enjoy. Godspeed, Delli!

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