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Number 46664

Show notes for the 361st Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Mind’s Eye DubAmandla Awethu Mandela Dub
I considered playing Manwel T’s Umtha Welanga – The Vuvuzelas Mix featuring Mind’s Eye Dub, to mark the passing of Nelson Mandela, but I’ve already played that on a previous edition of the MMI podcast. So I’ve picked this one instead. I don’t have much to say about Mandela except that his death has made me realize, yet again, how selective amnesia works for some people, especially those who wield some kind of power.

Clandestines Serbian Dog
After a couple of years of frantic activity, this teenage band from Malta has finally released its debut album. They had a launch gig at the Beach Haven in Xemxija yesterday (Friday 5 December 2013), and invited Dolls and Idols to play at the party too. I’m sure that this release will go down well with their growing legion of fans.

The Areola TreatBlood Red Thing
Their previous single from their second album Walk Into Nothing is nominated in the Top Video category of the MMI 2013 Listeners’ Picks Poll. This new song doesn’t come with its own music video, but that has probably made me observe a strange fact: singer Lisa Micallef Grimaud has similar lower tones in her voice to the lovely Judith Durham, or even Carmen Tanti, of course. Not sure whether this will mean much to anyone under the age of 40. I’d actually be interested in seeing what people who know all these singer think.

Husko feat. Charlotte HainingReal
Another one of the tracks that could have made it to this year’s MMI 2013 Listeners’ Picks Poll but didn’t simply because it reached me after the cut-off date. I particularly like the Nirvana sample. I understand it’s also managed to acquire some airtime on certain Maltese radio stations. Good on you, Husko!

Chapter ZeroAgainst the Grain
I saw Digby (or was it Chapter Zero? they’re one and the same, anyway) perform live as an opening act at the No Bling Show concert I attended in September at the Old Corradino Prison in Malta. It was a good support act for what is undoubtedly Malta’s better known hip-hop group. Not sure why he prefers to stick to rapping in English, but I’m glad to see that his sensibilities resonate better with Maltese culture than they did a while back. The music video for this track, produced by Keith Falzon, is both honest and raw, I think.

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