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Weird Science

Show notes for the 357th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

MisturaKollox L-Istess
The shorter version of the 9-minute epic song by duo Mistura opens this week’s podcast. I’d have loved to play the full version, but since my podcasts are normally about 20 minutes long, that would have meant that I wouldn’t have included two of the other tracks I’ve selected for this edition. In any case, it’s the full version that’s nominated for the upcoming MMI 2013 Listeners’ Picks Poll.

Winter MoodsDays of My Life
Malta’s most popular pop rock bank is preparing to release their sixth album in early 2014. This is the first track off that upcoming release. It’s also featured on the soundtrack of Mark Doneo’s recently released Maltese film Silhouette. I think it’s a fitting tribute to a band for which Doneo was once the lead singer.

Julie ZahraTake Me Away
Julie Zahra has come a along way since she represented Malta at the Eurovision Song Contest. She is now poised to release an EP (although since it contains 7 tracks it’s really closer to an album) featuring song written and produced by Owen Caruana. The EP is called No Loving, and as you’d expect it too is nominated for the upcoming MMI 2013 Listeners’ Picks Poll.

Mama KinThe River As She Runs
Danielle Caruana, better known as Mama Kin, is perhaps not as known to Maltese listeners as her brothers Michael and Nicky, and certainly nowhere near a household name as her cousins Ivan Grech, Josette Grech Hamilton, and Peppi Azzopardi. She has appeared on previous editions of the MMI podcast, particularly when she released her debut album The Magician’s Daughter a little while ago. Earlier this year she was reported to be working on a new album and this song is from the material she has written for that album. This performance was recorded live in Perth, Australia on 30 January 2013.

The Manuel Pulis ProjectGreen n’ Yellow
I was very pleased to find recordings from this new Maltese jazz combo on Soundcloud recently. This tune is apparently their second fully mixed recording. It’s written by bassist Alan Portelli and mixed By Daniel Buttigieg. In case you’re wondering, Manuel Pulis is a student at Siena jazz university and drummer/percussionist with a number of popular bands in Malta, including Brikkuni, Kantilena, Yew, Stalko, nosnow/noalps.

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