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Ça Plane Pour Moi

Show notes for the 358th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Cryptic StreetRetrospect
I really enjoyed Indecisive when it came out a little while ago. I’m am therefore glad that the band have produced a worthy follow-up. The music video directed by Mauro D’Amato will go a long way to attract attention for this cool new track from what is fast becoming one of Malta’s better known new bands.

It’s not everyday that Rolling Stone picks a Maltese band to include on their website, even if it is the Italian edition. Well, that’s exactly where most people will be watching the video for this new release nosnow/noalps. The band has gone through some interesting and exciting changes over the past year or so, but it remains fairly clear that Nick Morales is the leading light for this band.

TroffaHamra y los MechonesI Hate You For That
Ruth Abela always has a place on the MMI podcast. I’ve included her band from Barcelona at least one other time (if not twice) and I was delighted to discover that there’s even a video for this song. As you would expect I’m also nominating ToffaHamra Y Los Mechones for the MMI 2013 Listener’s Picks Poll in the overseas category.

Hunters PalaceSaturated Arab
I have a feeling that I may have missed note somewhere telling me that Hunters Palace have recorded some new tracks this year. I’m not even sure how I found out about these 2013 tracks just now to include them on this edition of the MMI podcast. In any case, I’m really pleased to be able to nominate this stuff for the MMI 2013 Listener’s Picks Poll top online releases category.

Luke AzzopardiSeeds
I find that there some sort of similarity in my mind’s ear between the music of Luke Azzopardi and the output of Hunters Palace. It therefore comes as an easy segue to include his music on this week’s podcast immediately after that of Hunters Palace. In truth, there’s probably no real relationship between the two, and he has a more varied style because his experimentation is mainly with genre rather than tone, noise, form, and so on.

MonroeGo Home
I been waiting for a music video to go with this song all year. I now see that there’s a new song from Monroe called We Will Rise. So, while I could be wrong, I think they’ve moved on. I’m rather disappointed by this but I still like the song enough to include it on the MMI podcasts and nominating it for the MMI 2013 Listener’s Picks Poll.

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