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Sunny Day

Show notes for the 355th Mużika Mod Ieħor podcast featuring music by performers from or in Malta:

Neil CorkOn the Beach
Neil Cork has made Malta his home. This song sheds some clear light as to why he really likes it there. It’s a pleasant song and although not really specifically Maltese in any overt way, it’s still a very pleasant way to open this week’s podcast. People are still on the beach in Malta, but not so much in places like the UK, where I live.

This is one band I’d really love to see live one day soon. Here they are playing a tune by Danjeli and capturing both the fun of ska and the Maltese pagan rites associated with the village Sunday morning marching bands that litter the summer calendar year after year. What’s not to like about this?

TexasDry Your Eyes
The second single from the 2013 album The Conversation. I’m also more than happy to include the voice of Sharleen Spiteri on the MMI podcast. I’m really surprised that this band (or Sharleen as a soloist) is not more popular in Malta. Then again, this sort of music doesn’t really appeal to large masses and to some degree or other adult oriented rock is an acquired taste.

Nat MahriBetter You, Better Me
Andy Hill is someone whose music I’ve included more than once on previous editions of the MMI podcast. This is simply because, like Sharleen Spiteri, he is a Brit of Maltese descent. I have not idea who Nat Mahri really is. She has quite a pleasant voice and I like this song, but that’s no real reason for her to be included in the M3P database. That privilege is afforded to her through her collaboration with Andy Hill.

John GaleaGold Diggin’
One more Brit of Maltese (and Irish) descent here. This song featuring rapper Scorcher comes from his new EP Under Attack. I’m currently involved in discussions about whether the Wikipedia page about him should be deleted or not. The world’s most popular online encyclopedia has fairly strict guidelines on levels of notability for including pop music artists. I think John Galea is notable for at least two or three reasons, but then again I’m hoping that his new work attracts enough attention to be notable without a shadow of a doubt, from a Wikipedia perspective.

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